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Windows Azure

Nowadays we are hearing a lot about cloud computing. Cloud computing is like providing softwares, infrastructure as a service. To manage data on the diversified datacenters, microsoft has introduced Windows Azure. It is an operating system to manage applications, data on the microsoft datacenters with no worry about infrastructure. One can create applications in their own language (.net, php or windows native code ) using visual studio or even eclipse.
It allows the developer to perform
Development. An environment for developers based on familiar concepts and frameworks. Computation. A virtualized service execution environment running on cloud-based hardware. Management. A policy-based infrastructure for controlling the way services operate. Storage. A scalable set of cloud storage services for data.
Its important to note that there is no big difference to a developer between the local environment and cloud based environment.
The user can manage web roles on Azure with IIS, and can manage load balancing on the web site. SQL Azure as a storage service, user can store data as Blobs for large items of data, tables and queues to manage data.
AppFabric allows the user to connect to loosely coupled applications securely.