why people hate microsoft..

I don’t understand why people hate Microsoft, all the software and applications developed by Microsoft are just to make life easier for all the users. Just take a look at windows OS or Visual Studio, these are things I use most, Windows is so easy for any kind of user to operate. Visual Studio, makes life easy for the developers but still developers hate it.
The only drawback with Microsoft is they keep on releasing new upgrades and discontinue support to older version. I mean when you compare .Net with java, in java they still use all the core techonology they created ofcourse there will be updates and easier ways to use. When we look at Visual Studio, now we won’t use all the older version controls or coding methodologies, we need to learn all the newer techonogies. with newer version there comes lot to learn. The same thing we used to do changes. Ofcourse, techonology always upgrades.

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